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Fatboy Lamzac luftpose

990,00 kr  eks. MVA


Fatboy Lamzac er en pose av nylon som fylles med luft.
Perfekt på tur – veier bare 1 kilo.

This is a new must-have from the Netherlands: Lamzac® the original 2.0! A lounge bed that you can take anywhere. Fill Lamzac® with air in a few seconds and you have a comfortable pillow for resting. The Dutchman Marijn Oomen came up with this idea in 2010. He realised that filling an air matrass is far more work than emptying it. He designed the first Lamzac®: a lounge product that can quickly and easily be filled with air. Demonstration videos went viral and by now have been watched millions of times. In March 2016, Marijn decided to enter a partnership with Fatboy the original in order to meet the tremendous demand for this popular product. This partnership has also led to launching the new Lamzac® the original!

There is no getting away from it: Lamzac® conquers every park, beach, festival and… heart!

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